Yes! Our services are available to anyone in need. Contact us and we will work with you to communicate our rates.

No, applied behavior analysis (ABA) has been shown to be effective for a wide range of populations. However, most insurance companies in North Dakota require a medical diagnosis of Autism in order to cover the cost of services.

Research shows early intervention is best in order to obtain the best possible outcomes for your child. If you haven’t started yet, it’s not too late! ABA can still be effective at other ages.

Early intervention in the area of speech-language is also optimal, particularly when a language delay/disorder is suspected or diagnosed. Both speech and language follow a developmental sequence, but typical development varies from child to child. If you are unsure if your child could benefit from speech-language services, our speech-language pathologists would be happy to provide a free screening. It is often helpful to visit with parents to get a better idea of the concerns and share more information about options, development, and strategies to use at home.

Full Circle provides ABA and speech-language services primarily at our clinic location at 4725 Amber Valley Parkway in Fargo. What works best for each child and family varies depending on many factors. Because the number of allotted therapy hours differ by child, each child’s day will look different. Children needing ABA and speech-language benefit from receiving both therapies in one location, eliminating the need for additional transportation during the day.

We also offer in-home and daycare visits on a limited basis depending on the family’s unique situation. We will work with you to best meet your requests, but understand our schedules fill quickly, and we may not always be able to accommodate every family’s schedule for home visits or daycare visits.

The curriculum and teaching procedures used in Full Circle’s ABA program tend to be more individualized and intensive than those typically utilized in a school setting. Additionally, public schools generally focus more on a student’s academic need. Because we operate from a clinical standpoint, we are able to address a wide range of skills including social skills training, toilet training, hygiene routines, community skills, and other daily activities as well as targeting individual behavioral concerns.

Children who receive speech-language services in school may be progressing in his or her skills sufficiently and may not require additional outpatient services. It is typically at the discretion of the parents to decide if additional therapy would be beneficial. Outpatient services, particularly speech-language therapy, can be helpful in order to increase the frequency and consistency of services. For involved children, some parents prefer the school to focus on certain goals while outpatient addresses other goals.

At Full Circle, we believe our services, in addition to school programming, can help your child reach his or her full potential.

Because research shows intervention at an early age is best, we strongly encourage both Early Intervention Services and outpatient services. In fact, children in their early years are the best candidates for Full Circle’s program due to our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach. Each child’s behavioral and speech-language team collaborate frequently as they work toward common goals. Since many developmental skills are language-based, our speech-language pathologists work alongside the behavior team and target similar skills using similar teaching procedures. Likewise, the behavior team can focus on speech-language goals due to this high level of collaboration.

Yes, our behavior analysts and behavior support team are highly trained in school consultation and support. Upon request from the school district, we are happy to attend your child’s IEP meetings, assist with assessment and intervention development, and/or provide consultation to your child’s educational team. We believe it is vital for all individuals working with your child to collaborate and work together to ensure interventions are consistent and effective across all settings.

Before therapy begins, Full Circle will complete a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s skillset. Through this process, we will identify your child’s strengths and areas in which we can build skills. Therapy is the treatment and teaching of those skills. We use evidence-based interventions and strategies to teach these skills while incorporating motivating activities. This helps keep kids engaged and having fun while learning. An important part of our programming includes the interests of the child, so we use those interests to our advantage to create an effective, play-based learning environment.

Yes. Since our clinic is located within West Fargo Public Schools district boundaries, your child can be bussed to the clinic. Please contact the school district to communicate your request.

Full Circle’s clinic in located in West Fargo school boundaries so typically Fargo Public Schools cannot provide transportation to the clinic for your child. If this is something you are interested in we encourage you to visit with your child’s school team for more information.

When you send us your inquiry, we will get back you within five business days to inform you of the current waitlist time. We will be sure to keep you updated. If we cannot accommodate your need for services in a timely manner, we are more than willing to offer you a list of other providers in your area.


We have access to and offer interpreter and translation services to patients in their primary language.

If you would like to request a translated copy of this form or an interpreter to assist you in completing it, please call 701–478-0221.

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