We specialize in helping kids get past their challenging behaviors

So they can get on with reaching their full potential

Children with challenging behaviors are often under-served by other programs

Children with autism, an emotional disability, and/or an intellectual disability are more likely to develop challenging behaviors.

Yet these children remain largely under-served by most programs. They tend to fail out of daycare, special ed, and even therapy, leaving parents and caregivers with few options to help them toward a brighter future.

That’s why we developed a process to help them

Using evidence-based, proven therapies that are on the forefront of treatment methodologies, we help these kiddos learn new behaviors and skills.

These new skills and behaviors help them get past their challenging behaviors so they can get on with becoming their best selves.

How we help your child break through challenging behaviors and learn new skills


“We’ve seen so much success with this treatment”

BCBAs Jessica Venaas and Carli Rankka discuss the Skill-Based Treatment model for helping children with challenging behaviors and the positive response they’ve seen from clients.


Therapy becomes more comfortable — and successful

Our overall approach to treating challenging behaviors draws on the theory of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from a trauma-informed perspective (ABA-TI). While all ABA works to reduce maladaptive behaviors, ABA-TI incorporates the context of that behavior before trying to replace it. This approach helps your child feel more comfortable, engage with therapy, and make progress that had previously eluded them. Skill-based treatment is a trauma-informed treatment model.


Collaboration leads to better outcomes for those facing the stickiest behavioral challenges

Problem behaviors can be an obstacle to a child receiving essential therapies like speech-language and occupational therapies. Because we’re an all-in-one clinic, our therapists frequently collaborate across disciplines to help kids work through behavioral challenges that had been holding them back. As a result, many of our clients who had previously been unsuccessful in speech or OT due to their behaviors are now able to access those services with us.

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Your child will benefit from the best evidence-based methods for treating challenging behaviors

Our behavior team is committed to continuously learning and staying at the forefront of the best, evidence-based treatment methodologies to help children get past significant behaviors that may be holding them back.

Britney Bachmeier
Psy.S., NCSP, BCBA, LBA — Owner / Behavior Analyst 

Jessica Venaas
M.S., BCBA, LBA — ABA Clinical Supervisor 

Meg Teiken
M.S., BCBA, LBA — Behavior Analyst 

Kathryn Theige
M.S. BCBA, LBA — Behavior Analyst and Quality Assurance Officer 

Alex Braun
Alex Braun
B.A., RBT — ABA Program Manager 

Laura Mikkelsen
B.S., RBT — ABA Training Manager 

McKayla Scanson
McKayla Scanson
B.S., RBT — Lead Registered Behavior Technician 

Taylar Brandenburg
Taylar Brandenburg
B.A., RBT — Quality Assurance Specialist